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Love, Honour, Respect

June 8, 2011

For Sahera…

 Well, this rainy day has provided the opportunity to get back to some of the cross stitch work! The stitchin’ has been happened but I’d yet to complete a piece yet. To be honest, tha’s because the frame and finishing part of the process was the most nerve wracking for me–it’s my newest skills and evolving techniques. But with a little trust, it worked out beautifully: the fabric is trimmed in the back and secured with super glue, then a white felt piece is added to the back of the fabric for additional support and finish.

The letters “LHR” may remind some of London Heathrow’s airport acroymn but in the context of the More To Life course it stands for “Love, Honour, & Respect”. Three qualities that can be helpful touchstones in our day to day lives.

I’ve also been reminded recently of a book of poems I read in undergrad called This connection of everyone with lungs (2005) by Juliana Spahr. The poems build through repetition and iteration and suggest to the reader all the ways in which we are connected to every other living thing in this post-9/11 world. The jacket notes call it ‘part planetary love poem, part 24/7 new report’ and it does take you along for the ride. And, in that global context, love, honour and respect makes a whole lot of sense, too.

all photos by me.

We’re going to WOW!

June 2, 2011

Three lovely ladies joining me at WOW in just over two weeks!!


And by ‘we’ I mean Jordan, Alex and me as well as all of YOU who sponsored us! The three of us sisters are going to WOW with all of our sponsorship needs met–and the extra bonus of Mum/Andrea joining us on Team… With June officially here, it really is the countdown now.

I’m off to get cracking on those cross stitch orders tonight in the warmth of London’s summer evening in my garden, and carry on with the ‘sister’ pillow cases I’m making for our WOW check list.

Enjoy your visit here, and keep passing on the cross stitch love!

Thank you!!!

Sponsorship Update!

May 23, 2011

Just us, ready for WOW!

Hi all!!

Just over a week since we emailed out our sponsorship call for £1,430 and–DRUM ROLL PLEASE–we’ve raised £770 so far***!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has responded in kind, whether it was to let us know how much you were able to give to us or that you weren’t able now but wished us well, it is all appreciated!

With £770 raised, we still have £660 to go to cover the remainder of our travels costs *** (essentially 1 and a bit of our flights) so if you are able and drawn to sponsor Alex and I, we welcome you to and you can send me an email through the Contact page. Likewise, if you’d really fancy having a cross stitch in your home, I’ve been working on the first orders so far and still have plenty of time + gusto to create you that MTL touchstone for you. Just let us know!

With much love from both of us,

Erica & Alex



Well with some recalculating of what we can put forward (including some overtime pay for Alex), we’ve managed to contribute another £120 towards the funds, which means we only need £490 to cover our travel costs (just under the price of one of our plane tickets) to get us across that big blue ocean and over to Georgia.

First Order in Green

May 16, 2011

For Hazel…

Well, sponsorship has started to come in–eeek!! yay!!–and so have the cross stitch orders. Here’s the first of many, hopefully, to come: Five Practices in green.

Ready, Set, Stitch!

May 12, 2011

Nothing like stitchin’ in the sun with a cuppa…

With many of you receiving our WOW email a day or so ago, I started stitching up some pattern samples on my day off. A trip to the local department store and I’ve got new fabric, threads, a box to keep them in, and three new samples!

I am absolutely adoring seeing the patterns I visualized come to be in ‘real life, ‘ and I hope you enjoy seeing them in stitch form, too.

I think next to be stitched up will be “I am who I am” — and I’ll keep you posted on the progress for your picks and requests, too! Thank you to all who have replied so far and you can check back here on the blog for updated sponsorship info.


Creating, Noticing

May 11, 2011

First finished cross stitch–next step, framing!

With a combination of a tube-commute ride and some couch snuggling, I’ve completed the first cross stitch based on one of the gallery designs. Pretty neat!

Still undecided about how best to frame the ‘Notice’ sign–circular wooden hoop or petite metal frame–but I figure the first step is noticing, right?

Five Daily Practices

April 29, 2011

It is still amazing to me what these five words put into practice can do.

And how light Gratitude can feel in the soul….

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